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I have worked within education for the past 17 years as a special needs assistant in secondary schools, numerous nanny jobs and as an early year’s teacher in Beirut, Lebanon. In 2006 I took time out and travelled the world where I learnt and experienced so much. An adventure I will never forget.

I began working for Jack in the box in September 2010 and have been a dedicated and loyal member of the team for 8 years, managing the largest of the six outstanding nurseries- Kings Langley- for 5 years now. I am the designated safeguarding person, Paediatric trained and support our SENCO with special educational needs.

I have a First Class degree in Early Years and Education which not only taught me that being focussed on a goal, even at a later stage in life, is possible but allowed me to apply my passion of the Early Years and put it into practice. I have always believed in learning through play and love watching the children develop through activities that we have set up for their learning.

I hold great passion for my job and I love the idea that I am making a difference to enhance children’s learning and development. I love that I can play a part in carving a foundation for their future journeys through life and I thrive on making positive impacts in a fun and engaging way.

I believe that Children see magic because they look for it so I try to follow in their footsteps and look for it too...every single day.

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Breakfast Club - 8.00am-9.00am

AM Session - 9.15am-12.15pm

Lunch Club - 12.15pm-1.00pm

PM Session - 1.15pm-3.15pm

Tea Club - 3.15pm-4.00pm

Full Day Session - 8.00am-4.00pm



Address: 1st Kings Langley Scout Hut, Kings Langley 

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Contact Anne-Marie on: 07961120231


At Jack in the Box we follow a structure of learning, development and care for children from birth to five years old. This is called the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and it enables your child to learn through a range of activities.
The EYFS ensures:

 - Children learn through play

- Providers work closely with parents

- You are kept up to date on your child’s progress

- The welfare, learning and all-round development of children with different backgrounds and levels of ability, including those with special educational needs and disabilities.

time table key

Self Registration
As children enter the nursery for the start of their session, their name card will be displayed with a YES/NO question for you to answer with your child (this happens daily).

Small Group Time
This is a time for children to work in small groups mainly with their Key Person to work on key skills like shapes, colours, numbers, sounds etc.

Letters and Sounds
Linking Letters and Sounds is scheme where the children have a chance to explore sounds, rhyming and initial letters sounds using the Jolly Phonics programme.

C.I.P & A.I.A
Children are supported during Child Initiated Play (C.I.P) is where the children choose to free play within the nursery this includes both indoor and outdoor play. During this time Adult Initiated Activities (A.I.A) are available for the children to choose.

Lunch Time
This is a sociable occasion where children eat with practitioners and peers.  Children then have the opportunity to look at books with their peers.  We promote healthy eating.  Please look at our lunch box idea leaflet HERE

Rolling Snack
Every day children are provided with fruit, water, milk and other snacks throughout their session.  Please bring to each session a piece of fruit and/or vegetable for your child to share.

Open Classroom
All activities your child has available to them are linked to the potential learning following the Early Years Foundation Stage (E.Y.F.S). Parents and carers are welcome to share their child's learning journal with their child's key person at any time or during our termly open classrooms. To find out more about our curriculum please click HERE

dates for your diary

Monday 29th April -3rd May we will be holding a parents/grandparent gardening week. During the week, we will be planting seeds, bulbs and exploring our outdoor environment as well as having discussions on growth and decay. All parents and grandparents are welcome from 9.10 am. If you would like to bring something to plant with the children during this week it would be greatly appreciated.

Parent/Grandparent and Child Gardening Week

Photos will be taken in the second half of this term on Monday 3rd June & Tuesday 4th June, if your child does not attend on these days and you would like your child’s photo taken then please add their name to a time on the list which will be placed on the door closer to the date. PM children’s photos will be taken when they come in. If you would like a photo with your child’s sibling, then please book a time.

Photos by the Two Photographers 

Songs and rhymes have a hugely positive impact on a child’s language and literacy development. Children love rhyme, rhythm and repetition. These three things found in songs and rhymes can naturally help to boost a child’s language and literacy skills. To support this, we would like to invite you in to learn some of the rhymes we sing at nursery. We will be holding three different rhyme time workshops on Tuesday 11th June, Tuesday 18th June, Tuesday 25th June at 9.30am until 9.45am please come and join us sing.

Rhyme time sessions

W/C Monday 8th July all week. Please come in and share your child’s Learning Journal with their key person at 9:15am- 9.45am. If your child only attends the PM session, please come in at 1:15pm- 1.45pm. Please ensure if your child is a school leaver to try and attend during this week. Time slots for your key person will be up on the door closer to the time.

Open classroom

Thursday 9th July 11am followed by our Teddy Bears Picnic. Parents and children to stay on after sports day to enjoy a picnic with their child and family. Please remember your picnics and teddy bear.

Sports day